Monday, December 8, 2014

Ugly Sweater Winner

So Pete and I had a great week. We picked up a new investigator.  She's totally going to get baptized. Super solid. We also had a Zone conference on Wednesday. It was so awesome. President Hall is so amazing. Its interesting to see how much work he does and how much he cares about his missionaries. Im sure that all mission presidents do. He gives up everything for us and only wants us to be the best people we can. Its interesting how that has changed over my mission. At first he was quiet about that, but now he's all for missions are for the missionaries. He started by telling us that when he was first called the First Presidency told him that the way to measure success was in the conversion of the missionary's grandchildren. And the grandchilren of our converts. That is what he focused most of the meeting on - what we can be doing now to help our grandchildren be converted and enjoy the blessings of the temple. It really comes down to our conversion and building good habits that we can later teach our children. It was really cool. He also talked about giving up our weapons of rebellion. How the thing that defined Christ was his obedience, while Satan's downfall was his pride and rebellion. He compared it to the Lamanites who burried their weapons of war, and challenged us to find our weapons, give them up and make a personal covenant with the Lord to be obedient. It was a good meeting. Yes Mom, I also sang and it went well. 
The first is a picture of the ward christmas party. We had an ugly sweater contest. Yes, I did win, and yes, I found it in the women's section at Goodwill. And a bunch of JW's came up to me and started teasing me for shopping in that part of the store. Doesnt matter. It was worth it. I had three different members offer to buy it from me:)
The second is a picture of Rebecca, my first convert. She was at the Christmas Devotional with Elder Hansen and I and asked for a picture. It was kind of cool. Earlier that day Pete and I were in the foyer (sp?) teaching a recent convert, when we heard ysa sister giving her testimony from the speaker. The voice sounded familiar so I started listening. She said, "One year ago today the elders knocked on my door. I didnt want to let them in, but for some reason I did. I will forever be grateful for the prompting I got and that I listened." I jumped in my seat a little and shouted, "Hey! That was ME!!!" Apparently everyone in the chapel heard me, because Rebecca stopped giving her testimony and said, "yes, thank you Elder Sharp!" I felt a little embarrassed, but it was still the coolest feeling ever. She is going through the temple soon and her whole family has been baptized. The picture makes me happy. 
Anyway. Have a good week! Be safe. Love you

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Straight Valley


 The first week in Northridge was interesting. This is STRAIGHT VALLEY!! Nothing but. Crazy people, prostitutes, drugs all over, weird college kids who think they know everything, and of course, weird, tiny, wonderful wards. There are a lot of members out here that I really like. l feel like I'm going to be here for quite a while, which is alright. The area is HUGE! SOOO much work to be done. I have completely gotten over the fear of door knocking from being in SCV, so now its time to once again get over the fear of street contacting. Should be pretty easy. I just hate talking to college kids. They are the worst. I could NOT be a ysa missionary. I feel comfortable around older or younger people, but my peers terrify me. Thats ok. I'll get over that fast.
My companion. He is a treat. Very... bland. I dont know how to read him because he never says anything. We hardly ever talk. (I will be writing more letters this transfer, btw. We would always talk during meals and any "free time" we had  in saugy, so I never had time to write, but here its different. He doesnt really like to talk, so there'll be much more time to write.) He's a great guy, a hard working missionary, and a good teacher. Im happy to work with him.  Being at the house was always so entertaining. There was always something crazy or hilarious going on. Most the time here we just go around in almost silence. Unless we need to talk. Then we do. I'll try to start conversations but his usual reply is..."Im not quite sure.' Or I dont know. Then he'll leave it at that. Or I'll ask him something about life and he'll do about the same thing. Its just interesting. It'll take getting used to. Again, he's a great guy, I'm just at the beginning stages of a companionship, which, in my opinion, is the worst part of the mission. Getting used to each other is the worst. I'll let you know how its going in about two weeks.
The area is nuts. We're supposed to have a car (bc this place is so big and there are so many hills) but the last guy who was here didnt want it anymore. He liked bike. (Hated driving in California). This place is four times the size of saugus. There really is so much to do. We found two new investigators this week. One is a 10 year old and his seriously inactive family, and the other is a crazy woman who we'll probably have to drop soon. She is really nuts, but I dont want to go into telling you about her. I've been really happy with the variety of people that we have here. There are lots of rich people up in Porter Ranch ( the top of the area) and poor people down here. Lots of different races but not nearly enough Armenians. I really miss those people. (One of my mission dreams is to baptize an armenian, so pray for that;) .
There are a lot of really humble people around here. Lots of latino people. Which are the best for missionary work. Its no wonder, too. The BOM is loaded with the promise that they would be. I love running into Mexicans because you can almost always count on them at least being nice and kissing the pass along card you give them. They usually wont tell you to go away, either. 
The greatest part of the week was last night. Father Hanz. :D He is the greatest thing in the world!! I've been hearing about him my entire mission. He is a Catholic priest turned Latter day Saint. He's been taught by the missionaries for the past 20 years and just recently got baptized. Im not sure why it took so long. Lots of different problems. But he has wanted to this whole time. When he was a priest, he would use the BOM in his sermons, he would teach from it over the pulpit, he would take his congregation to the temple and he's been instrumental in the conversion of hundreds of people. He got most of his congregation converted to the Church. He's seriously a wonderful guy. Very funny and friendly. Charming. Opens right up. We go over every sunday to teach him the new member lessons. Its funny. He's taught more lessons (with the missionaries) than I have and he knows MUCH more about the lessons. I thought I know everything about the lessons and how to teach them well. HA! Father Hans is WAY better. He is such a good teacher.

I have to go. 
Love, Elder Sharp

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Slow Computers

The zone leaders come to the stake center instead of the library. No wait, but slow computers. I'm fine. I think I did something to my back on the way over here, though. Stupid. Hurts like a cuss. How are you? 

I'm sorry. No I'm really not kidding. I've been trying to read your email this whole time. It took 10 mins each time to scroll down. I hate this so much. No, I'll teach simply. Its an interesting situation. The ZL's live with us. We are in the 3rd ward and they're in the 2nd. One of them went home on friday. To QueenCreek, actually. So President made us a trio and called David to be ZL. We're serving in both wards right now, working two areas. When I say I'm busy in my letter, I mean it. We have the ZL and DL responsibilities to deal with on top of that. It's been mad.

I miss you too. It's a good thing, but a bad thing too. I don't have any time to let you know what's going on or how I feel. I feel bad that I can't write you as much as I'd like. (Tell Brig to check the mail this week!! Er' day.) I feel like I have so much I want to talk to you about and no chance to say it. This sucks. Sometimes. I love it, but it sucks. 

:D Elder Schroeppel just emailed me and told me that L and M were able to go to girls camp. He said they had an amazing time, that they both felt the spirit, bore their testimonies, and gave talks in church about their experiences. How amazing. They also said that they want to get baptized. Mom, I never thought that would happen. Especially not for M. I didnt think she was ever going to feel the spirit simply because she wasnt humble enough. Let alone the fact that she thought it was all garbage anyway. She wants to get baptized. Oh my goodness. The fruit tastes SOOO good!! So good!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Some poor quality photos

With one of his favorite investigators. 

This is Bear. Spencer said he is absolutely huge- like much bigger than he is. 

With his two companions. Elder Jang just went home a couple of days ago- and Elder Davidson is still there with Spence. 

This is their zone. He is loving the Santa Clarita area!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Cheshire Cat

Dear Family- 

He didn't tell me until Friday night. AFTER I had seen the video.:) We came to the library (with Presidents permission) to find out more about it. I was able to see the video and read the email. I wrote about it in my letter and told Brig about it. I can honestly say that I have never been so happy in my life. It was amazing. I read the word Brazil in the email but it didn't really register until I saw the video. I watched it and just covered my mouth. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to start screaming and shouting at the top of my lungs. I literally wanted to jump up and down. And I wanted to cry. I couldn't email you back until today, but I really wanted to. We walked outside the library and started unlocking the bikes. I sat there just looking at the ...mission? I guess? From that spot I could see a bit of Glendale and LA. I just stood there looking. I thought about Brig getting the call I wanted (and not until then did it hit me) but as soon as the thought came I realized what I was looking at and just felt this overwhelming peace. I thought of me being here, Preston being on the other side of the world and Brig going to Brazil. It just felt good. Like yeah, this is exactly how its supposed to be. I didn't feel jealous at all. Just extremely happy for him. We unlocked the bikes and started riding away and I stopped. I wanted to go home so I could celebrate (scream & sing my head off, like I did after Claudia's baptism) but he didn't want to. So I told him I needed a minute. I stood there fighting tears and laughing. Then I couldn't take it, so I sat on the side walk and started crying and grinning like the Cheshire cat. It was quite the experience for me. I literally didn't know what to do with myself, I was so happy. I felt like I had so much energy that needed to be spent cheering, but also that I was exhausted from being overjoyed. It happens in the scriptures and I never really knew what it meant until now.
Basically I'm happy for him:)

Mom, don't feel bad for me at all. Please. Please please please. I don't need that. Just be happy for him. DO NOT WORRY!! He'll be fine! My friend Kat is literally from there. She's there right now visiting family. She says he has nothing to worry about.

Having Brazilian success and seeing that many people come to Christ is better than anything in the world. We're out here to save souls. Baptizing someone is the most amazing experience on Earth and having air conditioning isn't worth not having that. Am I happy that Brig is going there, more than anything. I know I'm supposed to be here, but I still don't know why. It still kills me at times. I still get mad and bitter, but I know I'm supposed to be here. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Real Letter!


HAHAHAHA!!!! Please tell me you took a picture of that! I would love to see his face! No joke, the guy sitting next to me looks EXACTLY like Golem. Its freaking me out. That's so cool for Jake and Max!! Did you tell him that Brig's uncle served there? That makes me so happy! Tell Clayton not to worry about it! Honestly!! If he messes up a little bit its not the end of the world. He can handle it. He just needs to learn from the experience.
You ma'am have a crazy week. I don't envy you.

My birthday was great! I love my ward so much. Honestly. It felt like home. No, it wasn't a lame gift (the lasagna). I was just so surprised. Lisa just kept talking about this Amazing surprise from my parents. At one point she totally made it sound like Dad was going to walk in from the other room. I freaked out a little. The food was really good.  I loved it. They did so much work. I was super shocked to see everyone just there. Had so much fun.

Ya, he knows that I've done that several times, right? Tell him that he should enjoy being so nervous while it lasts. He needs these experiences so that he can get over them in the future faster.
Thank you for not showing up.  Ha ha.   I would have hated it and loved it if dad was there. I'm not even sure if I'd like it if you were allowed. These worlds mixing. It was weird enough seeing the picture of Dad standing next to Lisa. I don't know what I'd do if he was there while I was at the party. I think he should have door bell ditched us at our building! That would have been hilarious!! I would have been SOOO happy!

HAHAHAH!! There really was an earth quake?? A sister was upstairs while we were doing mission prep at their house and she came down screaming that there was an earth quake. None of us felt it and we all thought that she was crazy. Well she actually is a little crazy, so we weren't fazed by the event. That's funny. I've yet to feel one of the quakes here. There have been like four. I hate this! I want to feel one.
Do I need anything? Um..yeah. I guess. I could use new bathroom supplies. I'm almost out and I'll have to get new stuff soon. Just the regular stuff. Um...There isn't much I'd like to have. I'll be sure to make a list when I think of them. I know there are things, but I don't remember. Oh! I'm buying glasses. Ok? I told you about them in the letter. I finally decided to do it and I got a bunch of cash for the b-day, so I'll be doing that soon. I also am cooking for the Bents this Thursday. What should I do so I don't look like a fool? What should I make?

I think I might love this ward as much as RC2. Honestly. I love our ward so much, but this is like.. my ward. I don't know. Like my people. I love them. I really don't want to leave Burbank, but I know I am. I know they do love me. I have a very good relationship with several members. Being around them makes me happy. I get depressed for the lack of success at times, but the members are always amazing and totally my favorite part of the mission. Without a doubt. What should I make for dinner for them and where should I go to get glasses?

All of this stuff with Clayton sounds so great.  Dang it! I so badly wish that I could be there for him. Just to see him going through this stage of life. He's going to be so different when I get home and I'm missing all of this.

Tell dad thank you for the letter. I loved it. Totally what I needed. TOTALLY lead by the spirit! I have no time left. I love you! I miss you and appreciate all that you do for me. Thank you for being so wonderful and faithful. I don't know what I would do without your amazing testimonies. Thank you so much for making my birthday so good. Have a good week! Love you!

PS>please send the recipe for greek chicken with your letter. I'm not sure if the portions are right in mine.

Happy Birthday Elder Sharp!!! (May 30th)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Longer than Normal Email... :)

(This is most of what Spencer emailed home on Monday.)  

Oh yeah. I'm good. Read my email to Preston sometime this week. Im tired today. I want to fall asleep. I'm staying with Shrop again. 6 months in Burbank!! WOOO;) Its a long time in one area. But I'm glad I get more time with my ward. I really love them. We had a good week. We lost an investigator and found about 5 more... for other missionaries. Its weird feeling worried for them. I get angry ONLY because I worry about how well the other missionaries are going to do. I am confident in my teaching abilities, but the Lord obviously didn't put them in my area for a reason. I forget that a lot of times. Half of my mission has been getting people ready for other people to baptize. Its irritating at times, but I am SOO thankful to be in the vineyard. That's all that really matters.

Before I forget, I may not be emailing next week. I'm going to the temple for my Birthday, so that means no Pday. I may just email, though. I'll see what Shrop wants.

Ok. I have to go. Love you so much mom. I'll be praying for you extra hard this week. Have a good one! Be safe!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Creamy Tomatillo Runs through our Veins?

This is a letter I got from Spencer about a week ago.  I haven't received one from him this week, or I would have typed that one up also.  Our communication is still tricky.  We don't seem to get much from his internet time- so we're still getting the bulk of our information from him through letters. And btw, yes, I knew about the earthquakes and have emailed him about them.  Not sure how he thought I'd miss that.  :)

Dear Family,

Hello!!  So how was tour?  The greatest?  The worst?  Did Brig have a good time?  How did Kenna like it?  Who'd you hang around?  Did you spend a lot of time around Erin?  I wouldn't mind that.  How is Clayton?  Did he like my letter?  I was so tired, so it probably didn't make any sense.  How's his song coming along?  Does he sound like a boss?  I'm going to record a song for him soon.  I still don't know what to sing for him.  I'm a little nervous.  Honestly, I sound terrible these days.  How is dad?  How are the boys?  How is life going in the Sharp home?  Has Brig put in his papers yet?  Have any more gotten a call?  What about Logan, Max, Jake, Josh, Jordan, Matt, Colten, any of my girl friends? (Kat, Lexi, any others?)  I'm dying to know which kids from Herriman are coming to this mission.  There are for our five here now.  Like 2 from Riverton/Bluffdale.  That part of the valley makes people fit for San Fernando.  It's odd.  anyway, let me know.  Are they doing a Herriman mission call video thing this year?  I really hope so.  I've been wanting them to do that for quite awhile.  Loved those.

So I got a letter from Abby, Milo and Pearl this week.  It made me SO happy!  Oh my goodness!  I saw that it said "Sharp" on the corner with an address in Provo and I just about died.  SO happy!!  It only took them six months.  :)  Really, it was wonderful.  Pearl wrote me this Book of Mormon thing with her testimony in it.  So good.  Milo wrote me this little note and so did Abby.  I miss them a ton.  How are they doing?  How is James?  Is his schooling going well?  Is he finished yet?  I really have no idea whats going on in their life.  I can't wait to see them.  Only 18 more months!  Goodness.  Too soon.  I remember being there at the airport when he got back.  He was just crying.  Super hard.  I was so confused.  "Isn't he happy to see us?!  Why is he so sad?"  And you told me he was just crying because he was happy.  Half lie!!  He probably was happy, but he was torn apart to be done with the mission.  He must have been a good missionary.  I never understood why he was so sad.  I do now.  And I don't think it will be any different with me and Preston.  Do me a favor and record Preston coming home.  Somehow.  And film mine.  Goodness.  My reunion with him will be glorious.  I miss him so much.  Most of the time that I think of Preston, I picture him at the airport.  Standing there.  Gosh.  Starts bringing me to tears every time.  Goodness.  It will be amazing.  I'm just missing family right now.  It won't be too long before I'm numb again.  :)

How is the ward?  How is Bridger?  Is he still at Snow? How is Herriman?  Did you know there have been three earthquakes here?  I hope you did, but you haven't said anything about it.  I'm safe, by the way.  How is June?  I emailed her, but I haven't heard from her.

I should probably tell you how things are going here.  Tuesday we had a good district meeting by Shrum.  He's probably leaving.  I'll talk about that later.  On our way there, another elder's bike broke.  I thought I'd pump up my tires while we tried to fix his bike, but my pump wouldn't work.  I had already let all the air out of the tires.  What a bust.  So we had to have the zone leaders come pick us up and take us back to our pad.  Then we spent the rest of the day finding.  We had dinner with a family.  Very cool people.  Wednesday we went knocking, all day.  Actually, it was a great day.  I thought we were going to go to Santa Clarita and I was SOOO excited to get Cafe Rio.  Then we found out we didn't need to go all the way up there and we were spending the day in Burbank.  "Sucks to be me right now!!"  (in my Nacho accent.)  No Cafe Rio for us.  Too bad.  Sharps need their Cafe Rio fix.  This fast from Enchilada Style goodness is killing me.  We Shire-folk need some sweet pork in us.  It's part of us.  We've got creamy tomatillo ranch running through our veins.  Tis a crime to take that away.  Sad day.  Enough of my mourning.  Thursday:  We helped this guy move for six hours.  Then we spent the rest of the day finding.  Friday- planning day.  Then we knocked and found the whole day.  We had a lesson with C that night.  Good but her daughters weren't there.  Saturday was a really good day.  We were knocking most of the day.  We found a ton of potentials.  Sunday wasn't the best.  We had so many let-downs and another bike issue.  We had to walk to mission prep.  We showed up late, but it was a really good class.  The sisters did a great job.  Then, this morning I woke up at 5:00 to see the bathroom light on.  Wondered why- then went back to sleep.  Well, you heard about that.  NOT FUN.  Poor Shrum.  Poor me.  Stupid plumbing and stupid toilet.  (apparently there were issues and they ended up with the toilet overflowing and covering their apartment floor.  it was everywhere and they spent hours cleaning 'stuff' up.  it was quite a terrible start to their p-day.)  

Well, that was my week.  I'll talk to you soon on the computer.  Hope you're doing great.  Keep working hard and following Christ.

Love, Elder Sharp #2

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spencer's bike Accident

This is Spencer's district.  That face he's making, his entire pose....all of it.  It is soooo Spencer!!  

This is the explanation I got for this one:  "So there is a very steep road leading up to the church building.  We were riding down it after district meeting and I was standing up on my bike with only one hand on the handle bars.  (I was trying to fix something on my bag) when one of the other elders came by and spanked me.  I went straight over the other side and ground off half of my elbow.  It wasn't very pretty, but ya."

I believe this was his first convert baptism.  She's 9 or 10, if I remember correctly.

Shrum-Dog Millionaire..... Finally an update!!

I have to apologize- I don't have a good excuse.  Spencer's communication has been a bit patchy over the past month.  We don't get much information from him through email anymore.  Just a quick hello and how are you all type of thing.  He is sending weekly letters- I have just neglected to sit down and type them out for the blog.  Very pathetic- I know.  So here is the last letter we received last Friday.  His letters are usually very long.   He is doing really well and sounds very happy.  

Dear Mother,

So yesterday was the same as any other P day.  But we've finally started to get invited to meals from the  members.  Sweet! So we ate with the A family last night.  I really love them.  He is so cool.  I found out yesterday that he has a flippin bullet bike!  So sweet!  It just made me remember how badly I want a bike someday.  Great stuff.  They're a really cool family though.  He's from Romania and she's Armenian.  Love them!

Today was good.  We had district meeting.  Then we went to the bike shop to fix some stuff on our bikes.  50 flippin dollars later!  I have a got nice hand pump.  (My tires get super flat and I haven't had a pump for a Phixie, so I got one.)  And I had front brakes put on.  I only had a rear break and that wasn't the safest thing.  (That's where I'll leave that.)  So I thought I'd put on the second for a little more safety.  The rest of the day was good.  I'm on an exchange with Elder Ballard right now.  He's so cool!  Different than me, but the most amazing person you'll ever meet.  Oh!  Fun fact for ya.  We got another sister in our ward.  She's deaf.  So everyone is trying to learn sign, so that they can talk with her.  I knew they were coming, so I was really hoping for Sister McNeil.  But no.  Sister Ingram was her MTC companion though.  So that's still cool.  But ya, that's all for today.

So yesterday was good.  I went out with Elder Ballard that morning and taught a guy the restoration in the park.  Kind of cool.  We had a good conversation with people everywhere we went, which is the mission goal right now.  He is pretty good at that.  People just open up to him and talk.  I am trying so hard to be like that.

(next day)  It has been a super long and short week.  Every day has been so very long, but this week has flown by.  One of the shortest weeks of my mission.  I can hardly remember what happened a few days ago.  So the exchange was so super good.  We went out and worked the rest of the night.  Coolest thing ever.  That night we hate dinner with the Flinders (Elder Flinders great aunt and uncle from our ward) and they brought a non-member.  This guy is Greek, about 84 years old?  But he is a flipping rocket scientist!!  And he went to school with NEIL ARMSTRONG!!  He knew the guy.  Crazy!  I love being able to meet all these amazing people.  So Cool!  The rest of this week was really slow.  Elder Shrum has had a sinus infection, so we've been taking it each moment at a time.  He's really not feeling well.  He has a low tolerance for pain.  Ha ha.  He is one of my favorite people ever.  Truly, I like him so much more than most any of the missionaries I've met, but ya.  He doesn't love pain.  So this week has been slow.  We had a lot of dinners this week though.  That was really good.  I'm finally starting to love the ward.  It helps sooo much when you love the people that you serve.  Oh my goodness!  It makes this thing worth it.  This is an amazing experience, and I so completely and absolutely love life right now.  But without a love for the people, I'm not sure it's worth it.  Living on my own is a blast, studies are the greatest, I LOVE Burbank!!!  But none of that really matters.  That wouldn't keep me here.  The people really are the best part.  I love them so much.

Ha ha.  So something I've recently figured out, you know how I used to say that it was hard to love the people because I didn't have a specific culture to learn to love? Well, I was wrong!  This place is Little Armenia! So many Armenians living here.  Their culture is interesting.  I don't know if America has a motto or anything that we go by, but theirs is "We'll mess you up before you have a chance to mess us up."  Something to that effect.  They are the craziest people ever- ha ha ha- but I love them sooo much!! They are so interesting.  Their accent- it's like a mix of Russian and Spanish.  It's hard to mimic, but that's what Elder Shrum and I try to do.  Walk, and talk like Armenians.  I love it!!  They think they are the biggest and baddest nation out there.  It's so funny to me.  We'll knock on a door (the houses all look the same) and some big, yoked man will come out, close the door, fold his arms and say, "What do you want?"  Just standing there in his tight black tshirt and gold chain necklace.  Armenians are the best!!  The Arcadia mission, just next to us, has missionaries that are called and are Armenian speaking.  I'm sooo jealous!!  But they serve in Glendale, literally Little Armenia.  Highest population of Armenians outside the country of Armenia.  They're slowly spreading to Burbank- that's why we see so many.  So great!!

So, we had a few baptism this weekend.  One of the kids from the ward, and another from the Sister Missionaries.  A woman named L.  They taught her for a month and she was baptized.  Such a good experience!!  I love convert baptisms.  They're the greatest.  But we were asked to teach the first lesson at both.  Good experience.  Having to teach a detailed lesson in less than 10 minutes isn't the easiest- requires a lot of prep.

(next day)  So today was so great.  We had an absolutely amazing district training by Shrum-dog Millionaire.  So good.  We all talked about why we are here.  We did pretty poorly this week, as a district.  So we really needed a booster/pep talk.  I hope we see a lot of results soon.  Elder Shrum and I are working hard to make things happen.  I'm not sure if anything else happened.

Tell Lincoln that I'm super proud of him for the choice he's made to be baptized.  Baptism is quite literally the most important thing we will ever do.  That sounds wrong, but baptism leads to all other important eternal choices.  Isn't it interesting that Father allows people to make that choice at such a young age?  Baptism is such a big deal.  Taking that first crucial step to becoming like God by following Jesus Christ.  Or by making the promise to follow him.  Look at the power it gives you.  The gift of the Holy Ghost.  Probably the most important gift we've been given.  The chance to have a member of the Godhead with us at all times.  To lead and guide us.  To help us make choices that will make us eternal happy.  Little things every day that will bless us and everyone around us if we're worthy and if we're paying attention.  So easy, and yet is such an enormous blessing.  That added with the fact that when we have the Spirit, we are able to brush off any temptation like nothing.  Crazy how God has given us all of this and a sure way to get something a million times better.  He really loves us.

Okay, I have to get to bed.  I'll send this tomorrow in the mail.  I wish so badly that I could be there to watch Lincoln get baptized.  So badly.  I miss him so much.  I love him and all of you.  I hope you're all doing well and that you're safe.  Please be safe!

Love, Elder Sharp #2

P.S. What has the weather been like?  Did you get me Mary's address?  What else is going on in the younger 2 boys' lives?  I never know what to pray for them about specifically at night.  Any blessings they need?  How is dad?  Are you feeling good?  What's going on for you?  How is the youth conference planning going?

P.P.S.  Sorry- yes!  I got the package you Saint of a woman!  Thank you sooo mcuh.  I really loved it.  I liked those Kashi bars and the shirt.  Thank you so much!  I really am so grateful for you.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


**So this is just some emailing back and forth that we finally did on Tuesday. I didn't get an actual 'email' so I pieced this together. He sounds well.  He likes both his companion and the new area. 

Hello Beautiful woman! no, I couldn't. It was mlk Jr. day, and the library was closed. I only have two 55 min sessions and I have 27 left on the first one. I might come back later for the second session. I really hope you get this on your phone! I love you!!! I miss you SOOO much!

(I had asked several questions that he started to answer.)

ok. so, yes. its hot. My shirts look rank. before long theyre going to look as bad as Hansen's.
Something funny..we were walking last night and we saw two thug-ish men walking toward us. they yelled, "y'all'a'momons. huh?" We said ya. They said have a good two years and kept going. They were dressed like missionaries. Well. like someone who was trying to make fun of a missionary. White shirts, khaki pants, and buttons instead of tags. We were a little weirded out. We found out later that they were going around talking to people about the bible. It actually depressed me a ton. I got super angry. That wasn't really funny. ok...We were walking out of the apartment, it was really dark, when I heard something crawling up a tree. I just thought it was a squirrel, but it still scared me. (the squirrels here are really big.) So I looked over and screamed outloud. There was this GIANT rat climbing up the tree. Turns out it was a possum. (they're pretty much r.o.u.s.'s, though. disgusting.) I sat there and took pictures of it while shrum walked around trying not to cry and being freaked out about it. he has a phobia of rats, so the possum was super difficult or him. 
What do I eat? Well we eat Subway. The members only feed us about 2-3 times a week. if we're lucky. So we have to get ourselves stuff. I still make a lot of chicken and rice. And I eat 4 eggs every morning. With a small cup of cereal. I'm not eating as well as I'd like, but it's whatever. I'm losing weight. a bit. I'm trying to copy Shrum's diet. So I'll trim up even more from that.

It is the hardest. Mom, do you remember the hill going up to Lexi's house. That's my entire area. Its so hard. My legs are getting huge. My pants are tighter. I hate my phixie, but I'm going to deal with it. (*His bike is a 'Phixie'.)  Its better for me. Shrum and I live alone. President doesn't really like putting missionaries together. too much fun;)  Ya, it's a wealthy area. I  literally live 10 mins away from LA. I really, REALLY like this area, though. This is the only place that I've seen this whole time that I would actually want to live. It's like Herriman up higher on the hill and like a small version of slc at the bottom. But it's like the gaslamp and the district also. I really like it. I think I told you in the letter. We have a baptism. Kind of. Non-active family that has a 9 year old who wants to be dunked. Its still good, though. The area is REALLY picking up. Moving really quickly. BOY DID WE WORK last week. It was hard, and strange, but we hauled.
Tarzana. I lived in Reseda, but my area was Tarzana. Do I like the area more? Yes. But the Tarzana ward was the greatest thing on earth and I miss it a ton. I'm in the Burbank 2nd ward.

Well, I need to go. I love you. I miss you a ton!!!!!!! I would really like a letter from clayton. I really miss him. I miss all of you. I'll talk to you next week. BYe.
Elder sharp

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Headed.... To a 'Bike' Area

Hey Sharp Fam!
This was an interesting week. I knew it was the last one with elder hansen, but I didnt really think I would be leaving Tarzana. I said I was and I tried to convice myself that I was so that I wouldnt be too depressed when it actually happened, but it didnt work. Im leaving, and I hate it. I got the call Saturday telling me that I was headed to a bike area. I really dont even care about that part. My legs are going to get huge, but thats about all that will change. Im just sad to be leaving. I really never thought I could learn to love a place so much. Learn to love a group of people. (The ward. Im still struggling to love the people here in the valley. I dont have a specific culture that I can learn to love. Its just like learning to love people. Just PEOPLE. Everyone. Thats why I am having such a hard time with it.) In my patriarchal blessing, it talks about how I will grow a love for the people here like I've never felt before. A love I've never known. I thought that was funny. One of my spiritual gifts is that of love (also in the blessing). I thought that I had loved in all the ways. Except for parent stuff. Obviously, I was really wrong. I truly love the ward. I was telling someone in my email, "its like leaving home all over again. Like leaving a giant group of your closest friends." Totally how I feel. I absolutely hate this.
And leaving Elder Hansen is hard too. I know I will see him again, a few times, but that is like leaving all of my brothers again. But not quite as bad. I love him, but it doesnt compare to my brothers. Its weird. I really have no time. I emailed a few people and I have less time than usual. Transfers are AWFUL!
We went on two different exchanges this week. One with the assistants and another with a trouble elder from the district. Some people.. It was rough. I loved going with Elder Wright, though. He's the AP from Coleville Utah. Such a good missionary! I love him! I learned so much about talking with everyone and really bearing your testimony when you talk with them. That is, with true doctrine.  It's the only way that we'll be able to bring the Spirit to people. Im sorry, Im super distracted.
I'll talk to you later. I have to go. I love you. I'll write you tomorrow from my new address and tell you what really happened this week.
Elder sharp

Thursday, January 9, 2014

What Does the Fox Say

Hello wonderful Family!!
It sounds like you guys have a fantastic week. Seeing the family, skiing, adding on to the house, buying the masks for the What does the Fox say? (I really wish you guys would have redone that. Also, I made that HUGE in our ward. Apparently they hadnt heard about it, so I showed it to C and everyone started watching).    It sounds like a blast.  
I miss Brigham soo much. Im not able to see the video that you sent to me. Sorry. Its on youtube and the computer wont even let me get on it. I really wish that I could have, though. What was the song?? I saw a little bit of the movie at the C's house. I read that and I was grinning the whole time. It made me so happy. That really is the greatest family. and she is a fantastic girl. I met her a few times, but if she's anything like her mother then she's the best any of us have ever found. I really love the Ws. E sent me a Christmas card. It was so nice to hear from her. Shes a gem. The fact that she is a master pianist doesnt shock me at all. Thats totally W. They are the best. I wish I could have heard them singing to Brig. What a hunk. That kid is going to get sooo many girls when he gets back from his mission. Cuss. Im jealous. 
Speaking of Brig, the papers. I dont know how I feel about that. I dont want to have to wait to see him. At all. But I also know how hard that is going to be on you and dad.  What are the other reasons that you dont want him leaving so soon? I feel like as soon as Preston comes home you'll be a lot better. Him being there is going to be so good. Haha:) wow. Thinking about his homecoming is making me get teary. I just think its crazy how quickly time is going. It has crawled by, but for some reason this week I've felt like I have so little time left. Its like a tiny bit of time before Preston gets home and Im only a few months after him. Crazy!!!!
This week was pretty good. I had a LOT of changing experiences. I learned a lot. We had another exchange with the ZL's. I went with Elder Schroppel. He is a good missionary. I learned how to really "teach when You Find" I had a lot of REALLY good studies, too. I found out that unconditional love is not the same thing as charity. Not even close. I dont know if I really have charity for anyone. That sounds terrible, but thats how it is. Charity is Loving someone more than anything else. Actually, I wont go into it. I could go on for a while. I've also been reading a lot about the fulness of the Gospel. And a bunch of other stuff. I cant WAIT to go home and talk to Preston about all the things that we've both learned out here. And you and Dad, because I expect to have long late nights when I get home. So ya. Study up;) I love studying the gopel. Its so amazing that we can never stop learning. I believe it, because I know so little, but its so crazy. No other Church is like that. We will one day know all, but never in this life and not for a VERY long time.  Anyway, I've been learning a lot. Studying is not bad. Its not like I have to work out and make breakfast to get a break from the Gospel. Those are actually just things I have to do until I can study. They're whatever. Studying is really when you grow your relationship with Father and His Son and learn about the incredible plan that they've set up for us to become like them. Thats one of the most important parts of the mission. Having good studies where you're really learning something, and making it a spiritual experience that making your testimony stronger.
I have lots more to say, but I'm out of time. I love you guys!
Elder Sharp #2

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Goooood Week!!

Well.....After skyping emailing is the Worst!!!!!! Hate it.
I really dont know what to say. Especially after reading the two amazing letters from you and Preston.  They were so good.
OK. Well this week was really nice. We went caroling like twice with the Williams and the rest of the posse. That a group of three families in the ward. The Rs, Cs, and Ws. They are like at least as close as the furious 4 used to be. They go on vacations and stuff with each other. Its cool. They're all SUPER wealthy, so they can do whatever they want all the time. Anyway. We went with them. Ill write you about the experience we had. It was cool. So we ate really well all three nights. Christmas eve we ate at the Ws. So good. I flipping love that family. So funny. We watched the nativity. Have you ever heard of that one? Its super long. Just the story of Everything that leads up to it. Christmas was the greatest. I am looking forward to skyping in May. Its going to be so good. You're right.. It wasn't the most ideal thing to have the ipad, but at least it worked out. I miss him so much. Its hard. I got off and wanted to just sit there and cry. I almost did. But that would have been a little awkward for the Cs.
It was interesting to watch hansen do his. I love him so much and I'm so grateful for the chance to be his companion, but I think I'm ready for the transfer. Its not for another two weeks and I'm grateful for that, but I want to go somewhere where we can actually baptize. I really need that. Working so hard and seeing so little result  for the last two months has been taxing. I REALLY hope I get sent to Van Nuys. That would be the greatest thing ever! I hear that they don't EVER have to go tracting because they're always getting member referrals and teaching lessons. That would be so nice. GIVE THE MISSIONARIES REFERRALS!! That's such a wonderful thing to do. Please do it for me. I could go anywhere, but I really hope that its somewhere super poor and ghetto. That would be SO nice. Its not too dangerous anywhere around here, so I want to go to the worst areas we have. I don't know though. There are so many rich areas in the mission. I know for a fact I'm leaving, though. I feel it and so does the rest of the district. If I didn't leave that would mean that Hansen would leave and that I would become the District leader, and I really don't want that to happen. But I don't think that it will. But we'll see what happens. Ill tell you how it goes.
The rest of the week was alright. We worked and knocked. And we went on two different exchanges. That kind of sucked. I went to the area in the mission that is the #1 porn city in the world. Chattsworth. I was with a brand new elder that didn't really know what he was doing, so I had to lead and find and do everything on my own. AND we were on bike. It was terrible. I don't really like doing exchanges. Whatever. We went to church, taught the lesson for the youth and watched Saturday's Warrior in church!! In the cultural center. The bishop was teaching the lesson. SO good. I was laughing out loud the whole time. So were half of everyone else. Whatever. SO FUNNY.
Oh ya. I got a package from Brianna. SOOOO AWESOME!!  She is the greatest!!  Ya. Its really weird that she's actually leaving. And alexis and kelsi and emma and everyone. And its even funnier to think that they're all going to be back before I am. That is really strange.
Ya, this week went really well. We found a few new investigators. We always do each week. Now we'll just see how long they last. Usually we'll get 2-3 every week and then we'll lose them a week later. People just don't want to stick with it.
OK. Elder Hansen just looked up the whole gay marriage thing in Utah. That has been a huge thing. I really cant believe that. It honestly makes me want to cry. How could a the court system over-rule that even though there is no possible way that the people would vote that in. Whats the story on that?? I honestly want to cry right now. Utah is like my home. My own little paradise. My pearl away from all of this filth and ...evil. It hurts to hear about it. 
Ok. I have to go. LOVE YOU!!! I miss you so, so much. I'm glad I'm here, but I wish that I could be home right now. You are the best! 
Elder Sharp#2