Tuesday, October 29, 2013

He's a Fireball

(I waited all day to get an email from Spencer.  Finally I got one that said, "I like pickles."  Will got one that said "meow".  That was it- that was all they said.  We were like????  Apparently that is what missionaries do when one of them walk away from their computers and leave their email open.  Fun.  :)  So he's in Reseda.  Like... Karate Kid.  Made me laugh.)  

I am so sorry. I opened my email and went to the bathroom with hansen. The other missionaries are super mature. stupid kids.
HI!!:D Holy Cow! this week has been crazy! We are both new to the area, so we know absolutely no one. We had no lessons, no contacts or referals. We've basically just been finding this entire time. Nuts. Ya, I got here, met the Pres. and sister Hall, they took us to a stake center to eat and to figure everything out. We went to a hotel and stayed the night. When we got up the next morning they took us the same building where we had transfer meeting (I saw elder Thornley, Cummings, and Chandler!!)(palakiko). That was really cool. I was assigned to Elder Spencer Hansen. To serve in Reseda zone, in the Tarzana area. We took pictures, got in our car and went to our appartment. I cant even explain how disgusting it was. I spent about 6 hours cleaning the place. Horrible.
 Right when we got there we got a call from the ward mission leader. He took us to dinner and talked to us about the ward. He is super in your face, my way or no way, and intense. I dont really like him. Plus,....how do you say it. His eyes go in different directions. With some people its not that bad, but I got a really bad headache from trying to figure out which eye was looking at me. It was bad. Ya, he's a fireball.
But we've been trying to find people the rest of the time. Contacting inactives and getting referals. This place is hot, ugly, Dirty, mean and to be quite honest...I really hate it. Its like throwing a couple trees in down town Pheonix. Everyone hates you, some people try to hit you with their cars. Its mean. I will never live here after my mission. ya.... My compa... He's nuts. I love him to death. I wrote Kenna a letter and said, "He's a perfect mix of Ben, Preston, Curtis, and Mr. Mitchell." thats pretty acurate. He's a hipster. Plays soccer, works out, plays the guitar, He's 5'6. He's from West Jordan and he'll be twenty next month. (That means we get to go to the temple!!) I love him to death. It's totally obvious that President Hall was lead by the spirit when he made that assignment. He likes me to call him top gun and he calls me mamma wolf. (Brigham, Look up that song. Mamma Wolf by Devendra Banhart. I would totally do it, but I kind of cant.) Sooo stupid, but he's hilarious!! I love the guy. The rest of the missionaries are really weird. Like..WEIRD. Almost all of the elders are socially awkward to some extent.
    Anyway. Today is P-day. We went shopping. I flipping hate it. I miss my mothers home cooked meals and free food!! Best! I had to pay a ton of money for food because in California EVERYHTING is expensive!! I hate IT!! We had to wait forever for the sisters to email. They take a long time. So I bought a zoo. Just kidding!! I bought a bike. But I could have bought a zoo with the amount of money I payed for it. Stupid thing. I love it, though. Its a fixie. A phat. CRAP! I forgot to take a picture!! Its a beauty!! It hurts to ride it, though. Hurts so good, you know? We have a car, but its a lot easier to find people while youre around on a bike. So we'll drive somewhere and park, take our bikes and go. I love doing that.
How is Brigham? I hope things have gotten better with him.  I miss him so much. The homesickness is only getting worse. Clayton is going to be the most attractive kid ever! Babe!! I hope he gets them off before I get home. Holy crud. thats such a long time. Anyway, those pictures were great!! I miss the boys like crazy. I get the same physical pain that told you about earlier. Where my stomach hurts way bad any time I think of them. Only its different. I know I'll be able to see them for the rest of my life. But its getting worse as time goes on. Whatever. I can deal with it. 
Im so sorry about Dad's job. I know He'll be fine, but its still hard. Hes such an amazing man. I dont really know whats going on with you, Mother. You should include more of whats going on in your life. Im rather interested in that. 
   The packages werent very helpful in the MTC, but they would be wonderful now. just like the ones from last week. Beautiful. I dont want a blanket!! Its way too hot for that!! Please dont bother! I wish I had more time. I love you so much!! I pray for you all the time!! I hope preston is doing better!! I miss him so much. I miss you all!
Elder Sharp

These are pictures taken at the MTC- I assume.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sunny CA

Spencer called Monday morning from the airport. We were able to talk for almost an hour!! He sounds so incredibly happy and completely excited to get to work. We won't know where he ended up or who he's with until next Monday. Here he is with the group that arrived with him.  You can barely tell it's him- I didn't even recognize him.  He must have cut his hair short.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Week Dos

I'm still getting used to Spencer's letters. :) Let's just say I am super happy I get to talk to him on Monday and can ask him my questions then. Here's what I got:

And now a message from your slightly foreign super hero!

HELLO! Ok, week number two. HOLY CRAP! (mom, I told you one would start like that) This week has been NUTS! I have so much to say with so little time! I have been super busy! I've written you a lot of what Im going to say in this email, but I have to say something. Just read all of the letters whn they get to you before you deliver them to everyone.
So, after I emailed you last week things got hard. Really hard. We started learning the methods and everything that night for teaching. My mind was blown. We started teaching people and making lessons and doing everything. I got called to be the Zone leader (I told you that last time) and the responsibilities arent that big. Its basically just to be perfect so that everyone has an example. No big deal. The hardest part for me is being able to apply the lessons to the investigators and teaching them what they need to hear while trying to slip in all of the doctrine and inviting them to make commitments that they don't want to follow through with. And ya. I'ts ridiculous... It puts a lot of pressure on you to do well even though this is all just training for the field. I guess I've just never really been stressed before. This is such a new thing for me. To get home and be mentally exhausted. Crap!! I'm so sorry!! I dont have any time! I have a bunch of letters that Im going to send that have all of the information you need. Maybe you can just put those on the blog. Im sorry about pictures too. Ill get them soon!!! Sorry:(

Ill be calling from the airport on monday anywhere from 8:00-11:00. BE READY!! Im going to call Brig while hes in school, so maybe let him know. Ill be flying into burbank, (or however you spell it) so I wont see dad at LAx. Sad, right? CRAP! I have no time!! Im sorry!!
I love you so much!! I miss you SO much!!!
Elder Sharp

Friday, October 11, 2013

First Letter Home!!

So we weren't expecting Spence to email home until about Monday or Tuesday.  I was thrilled when I got this today.  I did send him a letter through Dear Elder that he should get today, but it wouldn't have gotten to him until this afternoon, after he sent this.  Bummer!!  If I had known his Pday was today, I would have for sure sent an email as well.

HI!!! Just to let you know. I really dont want to take up time with writing about what I'm learning yet. We got enough of that with Preston. But I'm learning a TON!!!
    Alright, my companion. Let me just say that clayton was SPOT ON!! He is amazing, though! I love him already and I'm really sad that we're not going to be comps when we get to the valley. The other Elders in my District are great too. Elder Martin is a lot like me. We get along really well. I really hope to serve with him someday. The other is Elder Bagley. He's really quiet, keeps to himself a lot. He is a cowboy and the only other Elder from Utah. There is so much I want to say but Elder Loshbaugh is right next to me and I am super slow at this. The food stinks, both when it goes in and much, much worse when it comes out. The teachers are all fantastic. I get along with them really well.  
   We met with President Stice last night. He is one of the scariest men I have EVER met! Super intimidating. For some reason he decided to call Elder Loshbaugh and Myself to be the Zone leaders... ya. I barely know whats going on anyway and now I have to be in charge of thirty people. I'm a little stressed out right now. He talked to us last night for like two hours about being a good missionary. How in his branch he wont let any missionaries be anything but exceptional. He is really intense. 
     Ok, whats the deal? I thought you would have emailed me by know to ask me how it was; just in case my Pday was a thursday. Kenna sent me an email, whats the deal with my family?? I need to know what you want to know. Send me questions like you said you were going to. 
   I should probably tell you that I am happy. I have never smiled so much in my life. I go around talking to everyone I can. I'm nice and obliging and nothing like my usual self. Its like the MTC brings all of your good qualities out and subdues all of your bad ones. I'm cleaner, I compliment people, I am very confident. Maybe its some of the effects of working with the spirit so much. I havent been able to cry or even get depressed about missing home. I don't have time to. They stuff your schedule so full of things that you have no time to think about anything but what they're teaching you an how you feel about it. And to try and figure out what the spirit is telling you to do. But I do miss you a lot. A lot. I just cant stand to think about it, so I dont and when I do it just bothers me so I decide not to. I dont know how to explain it. Im still struggling with articulation. 
    So I'm singing already. Loshbaugh plays the piano quite well and he's is playing for some sister and I who will be singing "Come Thou Fount." I love it, but its not like singing with anyone at home. They have nice voices and sound pretty, but they don't sound like Allie or Brianna. Its hard to settle when you're used to having the best. I miss singing a TON!! I'm seriously struggling with that. I want to bust out in Phantom or Love Never Dies, but I cant because its not in the white bible. Its bugging me. 
   Things I need or forgot: letters(they really are pure gold here), my retainers, a big warm blanket (but only when I get to the Valley), maybe a new watch because this one is staight up crap, .... oh! an address book!! I want to write people but I have no idea where to send letters. I need home addresses and email addresses. theyre super important. Have Brig ask all of my friends for both. Anyone he thinks I'd like to write. This REALLY matters to me!!! 
   Ok, I'm out of time. I miss you all so much! I love you!! GOD LIVES!!! Bye!

PS, Did we trash riverton? How did that go? How is everyone? Tell me everything! Ill get you a ton of pictures next week. Everyone is trying to figure out how to do it on these computers. I'll try and take a lot.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It's Only Two Years, Right?

Ready for his 10 fun-filled days in the MTC!!

Last minute phone calls with some of the YM in the ward.

He chose Carrabba's to eat his last 'family meal' at.  

Whenever he has a choice, that boy will always go for Italian food.  

Right across the street from the MTC, where you go for your last minutes and goodbyes.


Our family hug.  It's getting smaller and smaller.  

Welcome Elder Sharp!!

Curbside goodbyes.

Sister Tolley, from our ward who leaves for Korea in a few weeks, was there to Host the new Sister missionaries.  What are the odds we'd run into her??  

On his way.

His final glance back.

Although it was a very different experience than leaving an Elder at the airport- we didn't seem to get through it any easier and that drive away was brutal.