Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Slow Computers

The zone leaders come to the stake center instead of the library. No wait, but slow computers. I'm fine. I think I did something to my back on the way over here, though. Stupid. Hurts like a cuss. How are you? 

I'm sorry. No I'm really not kidding. I've been trying to read your email this whole time. It took 10 mins each time to scroll down. I hate this so much. No, I'll teach simply. Its an interesting situation. The ZL's live with us. We are in the 3rd ward and they're in the 2nd. One of them went home on friday. To QueenCreek, actually. So President made us a trio and called David to be ZL. We're serving in both wards right now, working two areas. When I say I'm busy in my letter, I mean it. We have the ZL and DL responsibilities to deal with on top of that. It's been mad.

I miss you too. It's a good thing, but a bad thing too. I don't have any time to let you know what's going on or how I feel. I feel bad that I can't write you as much as I'd like. (Tell Brig to check the mail this week!! Er' day.) I feel like I have so much I want to talk to you about and no chance to say it. This sucks. Sometimes. I love it, but it sucks. 

:D Elder Schroeppel just emailed me and told me that L and M were able to go to girls camp. He said they had an amazing time, that they both felt the spirit, bore their testimonies, and gave talks in church about their experiences. How amazing. They also said that they want to get baptized. Mom, I never thought that would happen. Especially not for M. I didnt think she was ever going to feel the spirit simply because she wasnt humble enough. Let alone the fact that she thought it was all garbage anyway. She wants to get baptized. Oh my goodness. The fruit tastes SOOO good!! So good!

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