Monday, February 2, 2015

New Companion, eh?

Good MORNing neverland!! 
This week I decided that that's what the mission is. Its neverland. We go to this weird other world where everything around you changes and you've got no idea what's going on. And every day is the same. Its all just this crazy blur that goes by too quickly to recognize and yet never ends. 

So this week was good. Tiring and long, but good. Probably the best first companion week that I've ever had. It was interesting. 

Monday we just emailed, played ping pong and pool, went to the park so that Pete could play ultimate while I talked to the departing missionaries. Talking with Palakiko was weird. He's changed and grown so much on his mission. Its strange. In my opinion he is a prime example of how the mission can change a person and what it can do for you. Now, I do like him and I appreciate what he's gone through and the progress he's made. Hansen is similar. He's changed so much, so many different times and its incredible to see. It makes me hope that I have altered in some of the same ways and applied the mission tools to better myself. Well, I dont hope, I just realize that I need to do it. We ended the day by saying goodbye to several members and having dinner. 

Tuesday was hard and hilarious. On the way to transfer meeting Elder Hansen got pulled over TWICE!! HAHAHA!! His entire mission in a car without a single ticket and the last possible moment he gets one. SOO funny! He was pretty ticked. We got to transfers, Elder Peterson is in Santa Clarita, and I got Elder Bulger. He's about 21, came out with me, super cool, easy going. But the best part is that he's from Canada!!! Ha! Ya, he's a real hoser, eh? I've had waaay too much fun with it. 

I have no time left, but we picked up a new inv last week. We went back this week and set a date with her. March 8th. Best part about the whole thing is that her husband is armenian:D Yeauh!!! 

The rest of the week was spent knocking doors, moving families and teaching. We taught a ton this week. Its been going really well. I love it. Its been great! 

God lives! Love you, be safe! Have a great week!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Ugly Sweater Winner

So Pete and I had a great week. We picked up a new investigator.  She's totally going to get baptized. Super solid. We also had a Zone conference on Wednesday. It was so awesome. President Hall is so amazing. Its interesting to see how much work he does and how much he cares about his missionaries. Im sure that all mission presidents do. He gives up everything for us and only wants us to be the best people we can. Its interesting how that has changed over my mission. At first he was quiet about that, but now he's all for missions are for the missionaries. He started by telling us that when he was first called the First Presidency told him that the way to measure success was in the conversion of the missionary's grandchildren. And the grandchilren of our converts. That is what he focused most of the meeting on - what we can be doing now to help our grandchildren be converted and enjoy the blessings of the temple. It really comes down to our conversion and building good habits that we can later teach our children. It was really cool. He also talked about giving up our weapons of rebellion. How the thing that defined Christ was his obedience, while Satan's downfall was his pride and rebellion. He compared it to the Lamanites who burried their weapons of war, and challenged us to find our weapons, give them up and make a personal covenant with the Lord to be obedient. It was a good meeting. Yes Mom, I also sang and it went well. 
The first is a picture of the ward christmas party. We had an ugly sweater contest. Yes, I did win, and yes, I found it in the women's section at Goodwill. And a bunch of JW's came up to me and started teasing me for shopping in that part of the store. Doesnt matter. It was worth it. I had three different members offer to buy it from me:)
The second is a picture of Rebecca, my first convert. She was at the Christmas Devotional with Elder Hansen and I and asked for a picture. It was kind of cool. Earlier that day Pete and I were in the foyer (sp?) teaching a recent convert, when we heard ysa sister giving her testimony from the speaker. The voice sounded familiar so I started listening. She said, "One year ago today the elders knocked on my door. I didnt want to let them in, but for some reason I did. I will forever be grateful for the prompting I got and that I listened." I jumped in my seat a little and shouted, "Hey! That was ME!!!" Apparently everyone in the chapel heard me, because Rebecca stopped giving her testimony and said, "yes, thank you Elder Sharp!" I felt a little embarrassed, but it was still the coolest feeling ever. She is going through the temple soon and her whole family has been baptized. The picture makes me happy. 
Anyway. Have a good week! Be safe. Love you

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Straight Valley


 The first week in Northridge was interesting. This is STRAIGHT VALLEY!! Nothing but. Crazy people, prostitutes, drugs all over, weird college kids who think they know everything, and of course, weird, tiny, wonderful wards. There are a lot of members out here that I really like. l feel like I'm going to be here for quite a while, which is alright. The area is HUGE! SOOO much work to be done. I have completely gotten over the fear of door knocking from being in SCV, so now its time to once again get over the fear of street contacting. Should be pretty easy. I just hate talking to college kids. They are the worst. I could NOT be a ysa missionary. I feel comfortable around older or younger people, but my peers terrify me. Thats ok. I'll get over that fast.
My companion. He is a treat. Very... bland. I dont know how to read him because he never says anything. We hardly ever talk. (I will be writing more letters this transfer, btw. We would always talk during meals and any "free time" we had  in saugy, so I never had time to write, but here its different. He doesnt really like to talk, so there'll be much more time to write.) He's a great guy, a hard working missionary, and a good teacher. Im happy to work with him.  Being at the house was always so entertaining. There was always something crazy or hilarious going on. Most the time here we just go around in almost silence. Unless we need to talk. Then we do. I'll try to start conversations but his usual reply is..."Im not quite sure.' Or I dont know. Then he'll leave it at that. Or I'll ask him something about life and he'll do about the same thing. Its just interesting. It'll take getting used to. Again, he's a great guy, I'm just at the beginning stages of a companionship, which, in my opinion, is the worst part of the mission. Getting used to each other is the worst. I'll let you know how its going in about two weeks.
The area is nuts. We're supposed to have a car (bc this place is so big and there are so many hills) but the last guy who was here didnt want it anymore. He liked bike. (Hated driving in California). This place is four times the size of saugus. There really is so much to do. We found two new investigators this week. One is a 10 year old and his seriously inactive family, and the other is a crazy woman who we'll probably have to drop soon. She is really nuts, but I dont want to go into telling you about her. I've been really happy with the variety of people that we have here. There are lots of rich people up in Porter Ranch ( the top of the area) and poor people down here. Lots of different races but not nearly enough Armenians. I really miss those people. (One of my mission dreams is to baptize an armenian, so pray for that;) .
There are a lot of really humble people around here. Lots of latino people. Which are the best for missionary work. Its no wonder, too. The BOM is loaded with the promise that they would be. I love running into Mexicans because you can almost always count on them at least being nice and kissing the pass along card you give them. They usually wont tell you to go away, either. 
The greatest part of the week was last night. Father Hanz. :D He is the greatest thing in the world!! I've been hearing about him my entire mission. He is a Catholic priest turned Latter day Saint. He's been taught by the missionaries for the past 20 years and just recently got baptized. Im not sure why it took so long. Lots of different problems. But he has wanted to this whole time. When he was a priest, he would use the BOM in his sermons, he would teach from it over the pulpit, he would take his congregation to the temple and he's been instrumental in the conversion of hundreds of people. He got most of his congregation converted to the Church. He's seriously a wonderful guy. Very funny and friendly. Charming. Opens right up. We go over every sunday to teach him the new member lessons. Its funny. He's taught more lessons (with the missionaries) than I have and he knows MUCH more about the lessons. I thought I know everything about the lessons and how to teach them well. HA! Father Hans is WAY better. He is such a good teacher.

I have to go. 
Love, Elder Sharp

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Slow Computers

The zone leaders come to the stake center instead of the library. No wait, but slow computers. I'm fine. I think I did something to my back on the way over here, though. Stupid. Hurts like a cuss. How are you? 

I'm sorry. No I'm really not kidding. I've been trying to read your email this whole time. It took 10 mins each time to scroll down. I hate this so much. No, I'll teach simply. Its an interesting situation. The ZL's live with us. We are in the 3rd ward and they're in the 2nd. One of them went home on friday. To QueenCreek, actually. So President made us a trio and called David to be ZL. We're serving in both wards right now, working two areas. When I say I'm busy in my letter, I mean it. We have the ZL and DL responsibilities to deal with on top of that. It's been mad.

I miss you too. It's a good thing, but a bad thing too. I don't have any time to let you know what's going on or how I feel. I feel bad that I can't write you as much as I'd like. (Tell Brig to check the mail this week!! Er' day.) I feel like I have so much I want to talk to you about and no chance to say it. This sucks. Sometimes. I love it, but it sucks. 

:D Elder Schroeppel just emailed me and told me that L and M were able to go to girls camp. He said they had an amazing time, that they both felt the spirit, bore their testimonies, and gave talks in church about their experiences. How amazing. They also said that they want to get baptized. Mom, I never thought that would happen. Especially not for M. I didnt think she was ever going to feel the spirit simply because she wasnt humble enough. Let alone the fact that she thought it was all garbage anyway. She wants to get baptized. Oh my goodness. The fruit tastes SOOO good!! So good!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Some poor quality photos

With one of his favorite investigators. 

This is Bear. Spencer said he is absolutely huge- like much bigger than he is. 

With his two companions. Elder Jang just went home a couple of days ago- and Elder Davidson is still there with Spence. 

This is their zone. He is loving the Santa Clarita area!!