Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Straight Valley


 The first week in Northridge was interesting. This is STRAIGHT VALLEY!! Nothing but. Crazy people, prostitutes, drugs all over, weird college kids who think they know everything, and of course, weird, tiny, wonderful wards. There are a lot of members out here that I really like. l feel like I'm going to be here for quite a while, which is alright. The area is HUGE! SOOO much work to be done. I have completely gotten over the fear of door knocking from being in SCV, so now its time to once again get over the fear of street contacting. Should be pretty easy. I just hate talking to college kids. They are the worst. I could NOT be a ysa missionary. I feel comfortable around older or younger people, but my peers terrify me. Thats ok. I'll get over that fast.
My companion. He is a treat. Very... bland. I dont know how to read him because he never says anything. We hardly ever talk. (I will be writing more letters this transfer, btw. We would always talk during meals and any "free time" we had  in saugy, so I never had time to write, but here its different. He doesnt really like to talk, so there'll be much more time to write.) He's a great guy, a hard working missionary, and a good teacher. Im happy to work with him.  Being at the house was always so entertaining. There was always something crazy or hilarious going on. Most the time here we just go around in almost silence. Unless we need to talk. Then we do. I'll try to start conversations but his usual reply is..."Im not quite sure.' Or I dont know. Then he'll leave it at that. Or I'll ask him something about life and he'll do about the same thing. Its just interesting. It'll take getting used to. Again, he's a great guy, I'm just at the beginning stages of a companionship, which, in my opinion, is the worst part of the mission. Getting used to each other is the worst. I'll let you know how its going in about two weeks.
The area is nuts. We're supposed to have a car (bc this place is so big and there are so many hills) but the last guy who was here didnt want it anymore. He liked bike. (Hated driving in California). This place is four times the size of saugus. There really is so much to do. We found two new investigators this week. One is a 10 year old and his seriously inactive family, and the other is a crazy woman who we'll probably have to drop soon. She is really nuts, but I dont want to go into telling you about her. I've been really happy with the variety of people that we have here. There are lots of rich people up in Porter Ranch ( the top of the area) and poor people down here. Lots of different races but not nearly enough Armenians. I really miss those people. (One of my mission dreams is to baptize an armenian, so pray for that;) .
There are a lot of really humble people around here. Lots of latino people. Which are the best for missionary work. Its no wonder, too. The BOM is loaded with the promise that they would be. I love running into Mexicans because you can almost always count on them at least being nice and kissing the pass along card you give them. They usually wont tell you to go away, either. 
The greatest part of the week was last night. Father Hanz. :D He is the greatest thing in the world!! I've been hearing about him my entire mission. He is a Catholic priest turned Latter day Saint. He's been taught by the missionaries for the past 20 years and just recently got baptized. Im not sure why it took so long. Lots of different problems. But he has wanted to this whole time. When he was a priest, he would use the BOM in his sermons, he would teach from it over the pulpit, he would take his congregation to the temple and he's been instrumental in the conversion of hundreds of people. He got most of his congregation converted to the Church. He's seriously a wonderful guy. Very funny and friendly. Charming. Opens right up. We go over every sunday to teach him the new member lessons. Its funny. He's taught more lessons (with the missionaries) than I have and he knows MUCH more about the lessons. I thought I know everything about the lessons and how to teach them well. HA! Father Hans is WAY better. He is such a good teacher.

I have to go. 
Love, Elder Sharp

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