Monday, December 8, 2014

Ugly Sweater Winner

So Pete and I had a great week. We picked up a new investigator.  She's totally going to get baptized. Super solid. We also had a Zone conference on Wednesday. It was so awesome. President Hall is so amazing. Its interesting to see how much work he does and how much he cares about his missionaries. Im sure that all mission presidents do. He gives up everything for us and only wants us to be the best people we can. Its interesting how that has changed over my mission. At first he was quiet about that, but now he's all for missions are for the missionaries. He started by telling us that when he was first called the First Presidency told him that the way to measure success was in the conversion of the missionary's grandchildren. And the grandchilren of our converts. That is what he focused most of the meeting on - what we can be doing now to help our grandchildren be converted and enjoy the blessings of the temple. It really comes down to our conversion and building good habits that we can later teach our children. It was really cool. He also talked about giving up our weapons of rebellion. How the thing that defined Christ was his obedience, while Satan's downfall was his pride and rebellion. He compared it to the Lamanites who burried their weapons of war, and challenged us to find our weapons, give them up and make a personal covenant with the Lord to be obedient. It was a good meeting. Yes Mom, I also sang and it went well. 
The first is a picture of the ward christmas party. We had an ugly sweater contest. Yes, I did win, and yes, I found it in the women's section at Goodwill. And a bunch of JW's came up to me and started teasing me for shopping in that part of the store. Doesnt matter. It was worth it. I had three different members offer to buy it from me:)
The second is a picture of Rebecca, my first convert. She was at the Christmas Devotional with Elder Hansen and I and asked for a picture. It was kind of cool. Earlier that day Pete and I were in the foyer (sp?) teaching a recent convert, when we heard ysa sister giving her testimony from the speaker. The voice sounded familiar so I started listening. She said, "One year ago today the elders knocked on my door. I didnt want to let them in, but for some reason I did. I will forever be grateful for the prompting I got and that I listened." I jumped in my seat a little and shouted, "Hey! That was ME!!!" Apparently everyone in the chapel heard me, because Rebecca stopped giving her testimony and said, "yes, thank you Elder Sharp!" I felt a little embarrassed, but it was still the coolest feeling ever. She is going through the temple soon and her whole family has been baptized. The picture makes me happy. 
Anyway. Have a good week! Be safe. Love you

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