Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Longer than Normal Email... :)

(This is most of what Spencer emailed home on Monday.)  

Oh yeah. I'm good. Read my email to Preston sometime this week. Im tired today. I want to fall asleep. I'm staying with Shrop again. 6 months in Burbank!! WOOO;) Its a long time in one area. But I'm glad I get more time with my ward. I really love them. We had a good week. We lost an investigator and found about 5 more... for other missionaries. Its weird feeling worried for them. I get angry ONLY because I worry about how well the other missionaries are going to do. I am confident in my teaching abilities, but the Lord obviously didn't put them in my area for a reason. I forget that a lot of times. Half of my mission has been getting people ready for other people to baptize. Its irritating at times, but I am SOO thankful to be in the vineyard. That's all that really matters.

Before I forget, I may not be emailing next week. I'm going to the temple for my Birthday, so that means no Pday. I may just email, though. I'll see what Shrop wants.

Ok. I have to go. Love you so much mom. I'll be praying for you extra hard this week. Have a good one! Be safe!