Monday, February 2, 2015

New Companion, eh?

Good MORNing neverland!! 
This week I decided that that's what the mission is. Its neverland. We go to this weird other world where everything around you changes and you've got no idea what's going on. And every day is the same. Its all just this crazy blur that goes by too quickly to recognize and yet never ends. 

So this week was good. Tiring and long, but good. Probably the best first companion week that I've ever had. It was interesting. 

Monday we just emailed, played ping pong and pool, went to the park so that Pete could play ultimate while I talked to the departing missionaries. Talking with Palakiko was weird. He's changed and grown so much on his mission. Its strange. In my opinion he is a prime example of how the mission can change a person and what it can do for you. Now, I do like him and I appreciate what he's gone through and the progress he's made. Hansen is similar. He's changed so much, so many different times and its incredible to see. It makes me hope that I have altered in some of the same ways and applied the mission tools to better myself. Well, I dont hope, I just realize that I need to do it. We ended the day by saying goodbye to several members and having dinner. 

Tuesday was hard and hilarious. On the way to transfer meeting Elder Hansen got pulled over TWICE!! HAHAHA!! His entire mission in a car without a single ticket and the last possible moment he gets one. SOO funny! He was pretty ticked. We got to transfers, Elder Peterson is in Santa Clarita, and I got Elder Bulger. He's about 21, came out with me, super cool, easy going. But the best part is that he's from Canada!!! Ha! Ya, he's a real hoser, eh? I've had waaay too much fun with it. 

I have no time left, but we picked up a new inv last week. We went back this week and set a date with her. March 8th. Best part about the whole thing is that her husband is armenian:D Yeauh!!! 

The rest of the week was spent knocking doors, moving families and teaching. We taught a ton this week. Its been going really well. I love it. Its been great! 

God lives! Love you, be safe! Have a great week!

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